New Website

We are glad to announce that our new updated website has been launched. You might have noticed that it looks completely different than the previous website. We are very excited about this and we know you will too.


For those who are using their cell phone and tablets rather than desktop PCs or laptops, we are also glad to inform you that our new website is a responsive one. This means it looks great on any device, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Cell phone/Smart phone. Try it out yourself and see how the layout changes so that the font remains readable all the time.

New Blog Posts

We did not have a blog on our previous website and you can expect regular blog post from us regarding upcoming and completed courses, general news briefs, galleries and many more.

Easier than Ever

We have made your browsing and contacting experience easier than ever. For the courses, there are course or programme overviews and course descriptions for each of our courses. Our Contact-, Enquiry- and Booking Registration forms makes it easy for you to get in touch with us and to register online for our courses. We also have a Frequently Asked Question page which proofs very effective to answer most of your technical related questions.

We invite you to drop us an email to share your thoughts about our new website with us.

Happy browsing Renkalec Training Centre’s website and we trust that we will see you in one of our classrooms or workshops very soon.

From your Renkalec team.